Working with senior leaders in transition

A new role, a new environment, a new relationship, a new organisation or a new life, can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Working with high-performance executives for many years has taught me that the easiest way to achieve a goal is to see it in context. By stepping back and identifying who you are, Intuitive Personal Brand, and where you are going in life, the successful future you already know exists, highlights clear actions to overcome any blocks to successful execution.

If you know who you are

you know where you’re going



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Areas of Practice

Executive Coaching

Although my focus is on individuals, wherever possible I want to understand the context in which they operate. A less than satisfactory appraisal outcome involves a conversation between at least two people. At an early stage, with my client’s agreement, I will want to involve any significant stake holders. On more than one occasion, the increased understanding between stakeholders has provided a critical plaform for a succcessful outcome


A broader awareness has also lead to a department or even organisation wide, tailored leadership intervention, supporting improved communication and better business results


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As a speaker I am in my element. I have been told I am insprational, fun and to the point!

presentations, workshops and podcasts

  • How to make a successful transition

  • How to craft a personal brand you believe in

  • Negotiating a pay rise

  • Managing upwards

  • Using an executive coach

  • How to have an impact at a job interview

  • How asking for help supports our career

  • Why setting boundaries pays dividends

  • Fifty different ways to be visible

  • How to be political and survive

  • How to build a strategic network

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Strategic networking


Board Facilitation

Board goverenance and effectiveness has always interested me. The shared context for action that is required for a Board to make and carry out decisons that will be successfully actioned, is hard to generate. Witness the numerous occasions when Boards have been unable to reach agreement on a way forward.


I work with Peter Crow https://www.petercrow.com a world expert on Board governance and effectiveness to support Boards in signing up to a shared vision and translating it onto an effective strategy all are agreed upon. The combination of hard headed assessment of market opportunties and a more thoughtful addressing of communication issues produces a remarkable improvement in growth.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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