Business Results

I have designed a set of images to help clients identify their unique Intuitive Personal Brand. They receive a slide show of their chosen images with a one liner that captures who they are.

This process provides a platform for any transition you are considering


A new brand statement - Brian


Brian was a senior manager with an excellent track record for turning around troubled charities. Between roles, he wrote novels and in 5 years, at 65, he intended to retire to write full time. He was looking for one more CEO role but had, so far, been unsuccessful. In the past, his long experience had spoken for itself but with increasing third sector accountability, he felt inadequate and unconvincing.  I agreed to help him, identifying his Intutive Personal Brand and translating it into suitable messaging, a Focused Personal Brand. His choice of images suggested he was "A creative Irishman, making order from chaos" The strong sense of authenticity the phrase evoked, could then be translated into a focused brand, addressing third sector fears about maintaining their helping role in the face of greater governance. As a result, he was able to easily articulate and give examples demonstrating his contribution.  



A new direction - Ella


Ella was the Assistant Director of Marketing and Service Improvement in Eldercare, in the private sector, a role which, though enjoyable, didn't stretch her. She wanted a complete change, and saw coaching as an opportunity to review her long term goals and take control of her life. To drive the enquiry, we identified her Intuitive Personal Brand: An inquisitive and unflappable individual, with an uncompromising sense of integrity, who enjoys translating new possibilities into workable solutions. Taking ownership of her brand enabled her to celebrate who she was and over the next 6 months, she was prepared to consider a far more ambitious and exciting future than previously. The coaching gave her the confidence to trust her judgement and leave full time employment, raising her profile as a thought leader in the eldercare field and setting up her own consultancy.

A new Role - Daniel


Daniel, a highly talented senior underwriter, had been promoted to the leadership team of a mutual insurance business, on a trial basis. The CEO had expressed doubts about Daniel's ability to "step up to the plate". Although keen to be a success in the role, on analysing 360 feedback, he was cynical about the possibility of changing his ingrained fear of failure. When we stepped back from thinking about what he 'ought' to do to improve his performance and considered what it was that inspired him in his new role, he connected with his Intuitive Personal Brand: A galvanising leader with an inspiring vision. His lack luster demeanour instantly transformed into the sharing of an enthusiastic description of his vision for the company. Suddenly the steps he needed to take were obvious to him. Over the next 6 months, with encouragement and support, he learned to trust his own judgement and gained the acceptance and recognition of the the CEO and leadership team.


A new relationship - Julia


Julia had recently taken on the Head of HR role in a, fast expanding shipping company, based in 3 countries. She was frustrated by being excluded from important meetings and each time it happened, complained volubly to her boss. He wanted her to step up and find a way of enhancing her gravitas so this no longer happened. Her IPB was: "A strong and playful woman committed to human connection and taking her own line". Over the next year we drew on the energy of her brand to renegotiate her relationship with her boss and the senior leadership team. As a result, she was invited to become a, now valued, member of a smaller leadership team because of her more considered strategic input.


A new Life - Aria

2015-08-31 19.01.21.jpg

Aria, was the 26 year old daughter of a successful business executive. When I met her she worked in a property company in New York, a role she hated.  Her boss, was exacting but unable to explain her expectations. The high level of anxiety this caused made it difficult for Aria to function. Her Intuitive Personal Brand was: A free spirit, celebrating a strong presence and an uncompromising passion for liberation through action. Wow!  She left her job and slowly, over the next year, found the courage to try things more in line with her brand that gave her a very different perspective. When we finished our work together, she was excited about her decision to enrol on a course on sustainable building.